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For my day-to-day work, I’m working as a plumber. Which means that on good days, I design better piping systems. On bad days, I put on some gloves and put my hands down the pipes to scrub. I’m living in Berlin, Germany, where I’ve resided since 2022 originally coming from Finland.

Outside work, whenever I have time, I try to thrive in other creative endeavors. I’m a voracious reader and writer of stories. On top of that, I’ve been an struggling musician for most of my life. When I don’t have my hands full with these, you can often find me doing plethora of activities involving mountains (see rock climbing and skiing depending on the season). Alongside those, I’m a practicing buddhist in the tradition of Early Buddhism and Theravada.

On top of that:

About This Blog

This blog is mainly collecting all the random things I find on the internet and share the thrilling events of my semi-interesting life. And if you’re lucky, you might catch me going on a passionate rant about something that probably doesn’t matter to anyone else.

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