Since music plays so big part in my life, as a software developer, I’m always interested in new softwares in this field (especially Open Source). Lately I’m been tinkering with a few very interesting projects in this field. Unfortunately in this field proprietary softwares are kings and that title isn’t most likely going anywhere in a while. But it is always nice to dabble in new Open Source projects. These projects that I been getting to know of are Overtone, VCVRack and Denemo.


Overtone - Collaborative Programmable Music

Overtone at GitHub


Overtone is an Open Source audio environment for designing synthesizers and collaborating with music. Overtone basically works via Clojue API to the SuperCollider audio synthesis engine. I’ve been dabbling a little bit in Overtone lately and it definitely is a very interesting piece of software. I will most likely start to contribute to this project when I’ve learned it slightly more, since there is a lot to learn. I’ve been also watching a few live coding acts that, has been done with Overtone (some of which I’ll link below), and that also looks something that would be very cool eventually when you’ve mastered Overtone. I most likely won’t start to sacrifice hundreds of man hours immediately to learning Overtone, but I’ll bet that I’ll come back to it every once in a while.

If you’re interested Overtone, go visit the links above to the projects page and GitHub. Overtone also has a great Wiki, which you should definitely check out.


Repl Electric - The Stars

“Shape of You” live coded with Overtone

VCV Rack

VCV Rack - Open-source Virtual Modular Synthesizer

VCV Rack at GitHub


VCV Rack is an Open Source virtual modular synthesizer which provides a great interface for tinkering with different modules. This project is still in it’s baby shoes so there’s not that much to say about it, but it already seems great! Modular synthesizers can be a REALLY expensive hobby so this kind of Open Source virtual synthesizer is a great way to get you started in that hobby. This is also a project that I would love to contribute eventually.

If you’re interested in VCV Rack, go visit their homepage and their GitHub from links above!


Denemo - Free and Open Source Music Notation Editor

Denemo at GitHub


Denemo is free and Open Source music notation editor, competing with the proprietary counter part Avid’s Sibelius. Sibelius is definitely a heavyweight in this field and really the de facto software for writing music. Denemo offers a lot of features in this field, which makes it a worthy competitor. Out of all these three softwares that I have listed, Denemo is the one that I’ve spent lately the most time with. Great tool for learning music writing and composing different practice notation for yourself. One thing that makes Denemo better than Sibelius is of course that Denemo cost nothing! Whereas Sibelius costs €19,00 monthly or forever license that costs €559 at minimum (more with add-ons). Along side the softwares listed above, this is also something that I would love to contribute!

If you’re interested in Denemo, go visit the links above!